After a long and stressful day, one enjoys a comfortable home. Allow yourself to be inspired …

A small effort - a big effect

Much time has passed since the bathroom was just a room to perform your daily hygiene in. It has since become a distinct living area of its own and feeling comfortable in it is ever more important. A complete renovation is however not always necessary.

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At home outdoors

Terraces create space for beautiful summer days

As place of retreat surrounded by nature, the terrace offers calm and relaxation. Especially in the hot season, it becomes the open-air “living room“ and the centre for having a good time with friends in the mild evening hours. A smooth and visually attractive transition between living and outdoor areas can be designed with ceramic tiles. They are not only weather-resistant and durable but also lend the private garden a Mediterranean flair.  

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Design with XL formats

Large-size tiles provide scope for expressing one’s individual style.

The era of the small “standard tile“ of 15x20 cm is long gone. In the course of the last years, the trend has clearly developed towards large formats: an edge length of 30x60 cm is already quite common, and the range of tiles exceeding these dimensions also seems to be inexhaustible. With the right design and the right format, amazing effects can be obtained while cleaning and care are reduced to a minimum. No matter whether in the living-room, the bathroom or in the kitchen: thanks to the great diversity of variants of ceramic tiles, there are almost no limits to expressing one’s personal style. 

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Functional oases of well-being in the own private home

Design tips for modern and functional bathrooms

For most people, the day begins and ends in the bathroom. Especially in the morning, however, cold, glaring light increases nervousness, and the searching of the shampoo or the hairdrier leads to stress. A well thought-out design, clear lines and sufficient storage spaces help to avoid such situations. No matter whether large or small, spacious or with many angles and corners: a cosy atmosphere and functionality are perfectly compatible thanks to the following tricks and tips.

Every bathroom has a different layout, but not every layout facilitates the design of a space where one feels at ease.  

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TranquiIlity is the source of strength

Wind down and forget the daily routine: yoga as a means against stress
Being always available, 24 hours a day - many people are prisoners of their everyday lives. Yoga thus is a good solution for bringing body, mind and soul in harmony. A studio is not necessary for this, as one can comfortably practise the exercises at home. Meditation and breathing exercises lead to deep relaxation. However, the movements of the body also play a very important part. You can strengthen your flexibility and your sense of balance by invigorating exercises - thus giving no chance to everyday stress.

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Warm and cosy through the cold season

The ideal wood-burning stove creates an atmosphere of well-being in the own living room
Winter has come, and the own four walls are becoming the snug place to retreat again for the cold season. Especially in the living room, the heart of every house, an atmosphere of well-being is indispensable. There, a wood-burning stove not only ensures warmth but also creates a calming ambience. Thanks to the numerous cladding variants, an individual design of the stove is possible. Distinctive tiles and natural stones lend the stove that certain something. Thus, the living room becomes an oasis of relaxation for the whole family.

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Luxury in the own four walls - saunas find their way into private homes

Innovative sauna concepts can be easily integrated in the own private home
The world becomes more and more stressful. The more important is it to be able to forget the daily routine and to relax at home. Many persons still consider it as luxury to have an own sauna, but this is no longer the case. Saunas adaptable to individual wishes have become affordable by now. Thanks to new sauna concepts, the sweat bath in the own private home is no longer just a dream. Thus, driving to a swimming pool only for taking a sauna on benches soaked with the sweat of strangers can be avoided.

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Inspirations for the pleasure of bathing

Bubble baths, oil baths or simply just pure recreation: there are many possibilities of turning a bath into an experience. 

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A guide to relaxation

Guide of the most important wellness-related terms

Although relaxation offers are in particularly great demand today, people who need rest frequently do not find exactly what they are looking for in the jungle of applications. The internet provides a multitude of different descriptions, definitions and pictures, it’s true, but only rarely in a transparent manner.

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