Products in harmony with man and nature

Since the Old Stone Age, ceramics - a mixture of natural raw materials such as clay, kaolin, feldspar, quartz - has been known as basic material. Thanks to its excellent characteristics, for example with regard to temperature resistance, durability, breaking strength, hardness and even hygiene, this unique material could assert its leading position among the many building and basic materials over the last millennia.

The earthenware and porcelain stoneware tiles of MEISSEN KERAMIK perfectly demonstrate the compatibility of excellent quality and the concerns for man and nature. Our natural raw materials are extracted near our production sites at Mei├čen and in Poland and processed in an environment-friendly and emission-free manner. Latest extraction and processing technologies not only enhance the proven quality of MEISSEN KERAMIK and protect the environment, but also have a positive effect on the well-being and the health of our employees and service providers.

In conjunction with our superior glazes, which form an ideal symbiosis with the ceramics with regard to robustness, hygiene and design, the tiles of MEISSEN KERAMIK are a building material of lasting value. Because also in this respect, we feel responsible for the future and the environment: by producing a building material which is of long-lasting quality both with regard to the materials and the design, and with which you can create an enduring home for yourself and your family.  

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