Energy turnaround towards healthy living

A ceramic floor is good for the interior climate and reduces the heating costs

Often life seems to be full of contradictions: we are supporting the energy turnaround but do not want to have wind wheels and electric-line systems in the proximity of our houses. Our home should permit natural, healthy living - without burdening the environment, our climate and our budget in addition. Is this impossible? Thanks to ceramic tiles, the reconcilability of healthy living and the saving of energy as well as heating costs is no contradiction. Tiles are a natural, ecological building material ensuring healthy living, which - in combination with an under-floor or panel heating - permits a significant saving of energy in the long term and thus the private energy turnaround and the turn towards healthy living.

There are many insulation measures resulting in a reduction of energy and heating costs, but frequently they are quite expensive. The combination of a panel heating and a ceramic floor or wall covering offers an energy saving system which is natural, healthy, durable and robust as well as easy to install on the building shell without costly and time-consuming construction measures. To create an agreeable living atmosphere, a lower room air temperature - compared to conventional heating systems - is sufficient in the case of an under-floor or panel heating, because the radiant heat released by it is absorbed by the human body very quickly and perceived as very comfortable in addition. In this way, the room air temperature can be lowered by one to two degrees, and energy can be saved. In combination with a ceramic tile covering, the energy saving increases to up to 30 per cent, as ceramics has a particularly good storage capacity and heat conductivity. The radiant heat, however, offers another advantage: it spreads uniformly without dispersing dust and without drying out the room air in the entire living area. Not only allergic persons benefit from that all the year. A ceramic covering with its closed surface burnt at high temperatures gives allergens, mites and house dust no chance to accumulate or to develop on it, releases no harmful vapours and contributes to healthy living and thus to people’s well-being in their homes. More information is available at and

Our contribution to the energy turnaround

In the past 2 years, we have been working on the development and introduction of an energy management system for Meissen Keramik GmbH. The objective of this system is to work more energy-consciously, to optimize our processes under this aspect and to select correspondingly when purchasing new equipment and plants.

As of May 2015, MEISSEN KERAMIK GmbH is certified (ISO 50001) in the field of energy management both in the sectors of production and stockkeeping and also in the administration sector.

With this measure, MEISSEN KERAMIK GmbH wants to make a contribution to an improved utilization of energy and thus the protection of our environment on the one hand, and to meet the legal requirements of Germany’s energy policy on the other hand.