At home outdoors

Terraces create space for beautiful summer days

As place of retreat surrounded by nature, the terrace offers calm and relaxation. Especially in the hot season, it becomes the open-air “living room“ and the centre for having a good time with friends in the mild evening hours. A smooth and visually attractive transition between living and outdoor areas can be designed with ceramic tiles. They are not only weather-resistant and durable but also lend the private garden a Mediterranean flair.

The first warm sunrays of the year awaken the pleasant anticipation of beautiful hours in the open air. No matter whether we are sunbathing, having a barbecue or relaxing outdoors - the terrace is the ideal place for enjoying the summer. As modern alternative to timber floor boards, ceramic tiles offer diverse design options. Crossover tiles are suitable both for the indoor and the outdoor areas and create visually attractive transitions with their varied designs and shades.

Easy-care eye-catchers

Forms, colours, designs: ceramic tiles set individual accents and bring the magic of faraway cultures on your private terrace. Thanks to their weather resistance, they retain their charm over decades. Their resistance to stains and discolourations makes them easy to care for and ensures durable colour fastness. The ceramic tiles are slip-resistant even in case of humidity and create a plane base on which chairs and benches or planters stand safely and solidly.

Covering systems: everything is in a state of flow

The terrace covering is exposed to weather influences all the year. Damage is caused above all by humidity which accumulates under the tiles and leads to frost heaves or discolourations. Thus, great attention must be paid to the covering construction. The non-rigid laying on a crushed stones bed or variable pedestals permits the water to drain away. Thin tiles, however, must be fixed by means of thin-bed mortar in order to avoid breaks. Drainage mats are an additional aid in this case, as they quickly discharge the water. Taking this into account, there is no obstacle to having a good time in the open air.

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